Are your home contents worth more than you think?

In January this year, a team clearing out the home of a retired antiques dealer and lifelong hoarder found a treasure trove of valuables worth £50,000.

Among the piles of bags and boxes stuffed haphazardly into the Victorian townhouse were eight grandfather clocks worth £1,000, an antique chair worth between £600 and £800, and a 1956 Morris Minor ‘Split Screen’ classic car valued at up to £6,000 in the garage.

Do you know what’s in your home?

Of course, most people don’t have a home crammed with antiques; nevertheless, homeowners have made some incredible discoveries over the years. For example, an ancient Japanese coffer that had been sought after for decades by the Victoria and Albert Museum was found in the owner’s home after his death, where it had served as a TV stand for 16 years. It sold for £6.3m!

If you haven’t been up in your attic for a while, now could be the time. If you have any valuables knocking around that are currently unaccounted for, you might risk being underinsured.

Know your worth

Understanding the true value of your home contents (whether or not you have undiscovered valuables lurking in the attic) is crucial to getting the right home insurance cover. We can help you value your possessions and source the home insurance policy that best suits your needs.

As a mortgage is secured against your home or property, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up mortgage repayments.