About Us

Most clients are company directors, members of the professions or private investors, although many are entrepreneurs, some are very cautious investors. Most plan to be financially dependent and want their families to be secure in the event of death or disablement. They want to minimise their tax liability and have a good understanding of living with a strong capital base, high income and sufficient quality time to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Established in 2005 with years of financial services experience, Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers assist both personal and corporate clients in meeting their financial planning objectives.


Shepherd IFA’s objectives are to assist clients in:

  • Protecting capital, creating capital and assisting each client in achieving their own desired lifestyle.
  • Becoming financially well organised and identifying each individual’s own financial planning goals.


What is special about our services?

  1. The way we link personal, professional and business development and the emphasis we place on helping clients achieve their desired lifestyle.
  2. Our range of skills and experience, our programme of Continued Professional Development and our strong determination to be competent, reliable, pro-active and helpful.


What can we do for you?

By helping to enhance the quality of your life through better planning of your investments and of your business, financial and tax arrangements.*

Our goals are straightforward, we want you to worry less about money and to live more. We want you and those who depend on you to have financial security both now and in the future. Our aim is to be your go to trusted adviser, for answers and help in planning your financial affairs.

Some people feel that their lives have become unbalanced and they are not enjoying the quality of life they desire. They have assets but insufficient cash, the fun has gone out of much of what they do and they feel they need help to plan their lives in a slightly different way.

*The FCA does not regulate tax advice.

We’re only as good as our customers say we are…


I approached Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd to discuss my retirement planning.

Paul was a delight to deal with; professional and comprehensive. He clearly outlined the options available for both fund consolidation and investment choices, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each. Crucially he did so in a way that avoided unnecessary jargon and we were able to identify a way forward for me that balanced risk and reward.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd for others in a similar situation.

P Knight, Sheffield – March 2024


Upon a professional introduction I was recommended that I should speak to Paul Shepherd of Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd with regards to my retirement planning portfolio and the income options available to me.

At our first meeting it became immediately apparent that Paul’s professional approach, supported by a good depth of knowledge, provided me with the reassurance and certainty that I would like to employ the services of his practice.

Paul and his colleagues are very good at explaining clearly the jargon associated with financial services and communicate everything in a very efficient manner.

They offer a very transparent charging structure for the cost of advice and associated service offering, which made it clear to me that I knew what I was committing to both initially and in the future. There is a strong work ethic throughout Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd which is evident by the excellent level of service I have received from them.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd.
G Parlato, Croydon – February 2024


“In the complex world of Personal Financial Planning it has become increasingly important to have access to quality advice from an organisation that is trustworthy and professional – look no further than Paul Shepherd at Shepherd Independent Financial Advisors. I have known Paul for more than 30 years and he has shown himself to be fully committed to providing a quality service, amply and effectively supported by the back office staff at SIFA.

As a personal opinion, I believe that the most critical aspect of any kind of Professional Advice is that there must exist a feeling of total confidence in the Advisor, if this fails you must change Advisor, I have not considered changing over a 25 year period. Paul represents all that is good in the setting of the highly regulated Financial Services sector, he has the ability to provide understandable, quality recommendations, deal with SIFA and relax.”


Mike Varley ACII, Chesterfield – June 2022


“In July 2012, we had our initial free meeting with Paul. He may never know just how high we had set the bar in what was effectively a ‘job interview’. We quickly realised Paul was exactly the type of person we were looking for. With Paul, there was no starchy business to client relationship as we quickly became a team working towards the common goal of getting the most from our money.

Paul and his staff are very personable, responding promptly to our queries, giving timely and understandable guidance of what we should and should not be considering in a cost effective way.

With Paul we developed a portfolio of investments including a rental property using industry standard risk assessments along with a clear understanding of our personal needs and future ambitions. This gave us confidence that our finances would see growth and be properly protected.

In 2020 we made the decision to relocate to Sussex and chose to retain Paul’s services.

We have no reservations in recommending Paul Shepherd and his team as your independent financial adviser.”


Terry & Susan Chambers, Sussex – June 2022


I have known Paul for 22 years, and during that time both he and his practice have provided a top notch service that is both friendly and professional.

Not only did he identify and rectify a potentially expensive feature on one of my existing pension schemes, but the pension scheme he has selected has consistently outperformed the markets and my old scheme.

A first rate team.


Dennis Hall, Wellingborough – January 2021


I work with Shepherd IFA on a number of matters involving vulnerable people. Paul and the team are friendly and responsive, and understand what our clients need.

They work with us to find solutions in meeting those needs.

The independent investment monitoring firm we use are very pleased with their performance and efficiency.


Lynne Bradey, Partner, Wrigleys Solicitors LLP – January 2021



I would recommend Paul Shepherd and his team for all aspects of life cover, pensions and financial planning.

Paul and his staff not only provide sound technical advice but do so in a manner which simplifies the complex and confusing world of financial services.

All the work is carried out with a thorough and professional approach, and enquires or instruction dealt with in a timely efficient manner.

This applies to advice given at both a personal and business level.


Mark Barlow, Managing Director, IFM Insurance Brokers Ltd – April 2019


A friend recommended Paul Shepherd to me when I was looking for someone to guide me through the bewildering world of investment products and retirement planning. What I needed was someone whose advice I could trust, who would be able to talk to me in language I could understand and who would relate to me as a person, to my life and dreams, not just see me as an investment portfolio. I found all of these qualities in Paul Shepherd. I am very happy with the investments he has helped me to make, which take account of my concern to invest ethically. I am confident that he is keeping a watchful eye on these investments, which are doing well in a difficult climate, and I value the regular reviews we have. Paul is always ready to answer queries, to explain things which he most probably explained to me the previous time, to chew over financial decisions. I never thought I would enjoy such discussions or feel confident about handling my financial affairs, but I do. His team shows the same care and efficiency. I wholeheartedly recommend Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers.


Julia South, Sheffield – January 2015


Dear Wendy


I should like to place on record my appreciation of your invaluable help, advice and expertise. When we first met 16 years ago, I was immediately struck by your transparent honesty, complete integrity, and determination to secure the very best outcome for your clients. This has not changed, and I feel a sense of enormous relief that I have in you an adviser in whom I am content to place my absolute trust and confidence.


This degree of integrity and dedication to the client is a rare and special thing, and deserves the highest recognition and reward. In very many years in business at every level I can honestly say that I never met anyone I trusted more than you.


Thank you for everything, and I hope very much that you reap the benefits of your outstanding professionalism and personal excellence now and in the future; you have earned it manyfold.


Mike Biggs, Chesterfield – December 2014


Dear Paul


Whether we like it or not, seeking financial advice has become a necessity of modern life and there is no shortage of those willing to advise. But how do you choose from the many alternative sources available? How can you ensure that you receive well-informed advice?


Some of us are fortunate to have family members, friends or colleagues who are knowledgeable on financial matters and who are willing to pass on information and advice, based upon their own experiences. But what happens when this course of action seems to be inadequate for our particular needs? When we begin to plan for the future, it is important, not only to receive sound relevant guidance, but also to be able to communicate our aims, preferences and financial objectives to those giving advice. In order to do this successfully, you need someone who is prepared to listen to what you want, but who will point out any shortcomings in your suggestions and then go on to propose how these may be overcome. They need to act in your interest and not simply advise you on the basis of obtaining the highest commission for themselves. It is also essential that they keep an on-going eye on your investments and keep you informed.


I have been fortunate to find a company who seem to provide, not only the services I need, but do so in such a way that I feel that I am receiving a ‘personal’ service. When I make contact with them, I receive an immediate response. I am not asked to explain why I am calling or to ring back later! If the person that I wish to speak to is not available, I receive a return call as soon as can be reasonably expected. When I seek advice, I have confidence in those giving it. Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd have all the qualities I seek. In short, they provide a truly professional service. I look forward to a long and fruitful association with them.


Mr. A Marsh, Doncaster




The above observations were made over five years ago and my judgment about this company has proved to be absolutely correct in every conceivable way. Professional, knowledgeable, approachable and friendly at all times, this company is a ‘gem’ in an industry which frequently fails to deliver.


Mr. A Marsh, Doncaster – January, 2011


Paul Shepherd, who heads up Sheffield Independent Financial Advisers Ltd (SIFA) has been my financial adviser for 8 years. His canny, but evidence and experience based, advice ensured that my investment portfolio weathered the years of the global financial crisis with only minor, and short-lived, impact.


The sound investment advice that I have received from SIFA also means that I can look forward to my impending retirement earlier, and assured that the return on my portfolio will more than adequately provide for my needs over the remainder of my life.


When you enlist the help of SIFA, you also benefit from Paul’s small team of knowledgeable and competent staff, who ensure that queries are responded to promptly and with exemplary efficiency.


Excellent customer services, especially regarding communication, ensured that my relocation to Australia in 2009 went without a hitch. More recently, the tax-efficient advice and support SIFA have provided through my recent relationship breakdown, has greatly helped to minimise the financial impact on my assets.


I cannot recommend SIFA more highly; as one of my delighted friends recently pronounced: “They’re the best”.


Dr Helen Stapleton, Brisbane, Australia – December 2014


Dear Paul


In my dealings with Paul I have been impressed with his professionalism and his obvious dedication to his clients. It is clear that he puts their interests above his own. For an IFA practice to deliver a quality service to clients it must have in place efficient systems and processes. I have seen these at first hand; furthermore Paul runs a happy team – a not so obvious but nevertheless vital component for client satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul’s practice.


Julian Crooks, ex Certified Financial Planner and ex Board member of The Institute of Financial Planning



Dear Paul


We felt we wanted to write to you to say how pleased we have been since employing the services of Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd.


As we explained to you, we have had some bad experiences with other advisers in the past, but are finding it refreshing and reassuring to deal with a company with an honest and professional approach in their dealings with us.


You really listened to what we wanted to achieve from our portfolio, and discussed the suggestions fully, in a manner that we could understand. We look forward to using the services of Shepherd Independent Financial Advisers Ltd for a long time to come


Yours Sincerely


Helen and Graeme Crawford, York


Dear Paul


Just a few lines to express my appreciation, to both you and your team, for the excellent professional advice and assistance given to me during the last three years.


As a result of your financial expertise, application, and commitment, you chose and facilitated prompt payment of my deferred HSBC Pension, which has been accruing in value for over twenty years.


Furthermore, acting on your advice, I enrolled in my employer’s ‘AXA’ Stakeholder Scheme thereby deriving the entire benefits of tax relief concessions. This will augment my Abbey National Pension Plan, which after consolidation will yield the most lucrative annuity available through the ‘Open Market Option’.


As an additional favour to me, my sincere thanks also for ensuring that I will receive my correct State Retirement Pension Amount when due.


I would unreservedly accord your company the highest possible recommendation to anyone requiring a diverse range of financial products, as I know that they would receive sound advice based on many years of experience in the financial services sector.


Once again I reiterate my gratitude to you and your dedicated team of professional advisers, for all you have accomplished on my behalf. Your personal interest and friendly approach is greatly appreciated.


I will certainly keep in touch and recommend your comprehensive range of services to my associates.


Meanwhile, wishing you every success for the future,


Yours Sincerely


John F. Kirkham, Sheffield